Akshaya Patra to be featured on National Geographic Channel

Akshaya Patra will be featured in a special telecast premiere on The National Geographic Channel, on 27th April at 9pm.

This episode titled 'Akshaya Patra - Shiksha Ka Mahabhog' showcases our kitchens in their documentary series 'NGC Mega Kitchens'. The one-hour long episode will give viewers a tour of the operations undertaken in the Akshaya Patra kitchens, highlighting the scale, volume, technology and processes followed.

The exclusive documentary on Akshaya Patra by NGC will feature fascinating coverage of how 175,000 meals are cooked in just 5 hours, how the Foundation harnesses the power of gravity to undertake load-bearing work efficiently, and other interesting information.

Watch the video to take a quick glimpse into this special episode.

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